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Protocol: Speaker Events

How to plan and organize speaker events.
To provide a checklist of things to do to invite speakers to an event.
Event organizers


  1. Find a speaker!
    • Ask contacts outside SL.
    • Check related groups inside SL.
    • Check pertinent events inside SL.
  2. Get approval from the Planning Committee. (Is this required?)
    • Decide on potential dates/events.
  3. Invite the speaker.
    • Confirm dates.
    • Give them an overview of what to expect and what is expected from them. (Maybe we need a standard email or a wiki page for this.)
  4. Create an avatar for the speaker. (Is this required? Should we have a set of generic "ISM*" alts whose display name we change as required?)
  5. Send a reminder close to the event date to confirm that they're still good to go.

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