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Protocol: Hunts

How to plan and organize hunts.
To provide a checklist of things to do to organize a hunt.
Event organizers


  1. Decide:
    • Where would the hunt objects be hidden?
    • Who will create the hunt objects?
    • When would the hunt start and how long will it be?
    • How will the hints be given?
      • A list of gifts and hints in a webpage?
      • A hint (notecard/landmark/texture) to the next gift to be included in the previous gift? (Ideal for multi-sim hunts.)
      • A list of gifts to look for in a notecard/texture with no hints? (Ideal for single-sim hunts.)
  2. Recruit people who will create the hunt gifts.
    • Invite them to the group to be able to rez hunt objects.
  3. Create the prim that hunters will search for and distribute it to gift creators. Perms: Mod/Copy/x
    • Use the "Sell" feature of the prim?
    • Use a script to give inventory on touch?
  4. Give them a date when the gift givers must be rezzed.
  5. Test each of the gift givers and the hints as though you're a normal hunter.
  6. At a specific location (landing point?) or website, describe how the hunt would work and list the rules.
    • Ask hunters to refrain from sharing exact locations of the gift givers. They are welcome to give additional hints though.
  7. At the end of the hunt period, delete the gift givers. (This can also be done by a script.)

Where to announce hunts:

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