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Current Events

World Space Week 2014

4-10 October 2015

Coming soon.

Future Events

ISM's 10th Birthday

The museum had its beginnings in late 2005, so our 10th anniversary is coming up. Watch this space for our plans to celebrate as they evolve.

Recurring Events

Past Events

SL12B 2015

21-28 June 2015
Second Life's 12th Birthday Party
ISM's exhibit is at the SLB Electrify #15 parcel

Yuri's Night 2015

12 April 2015
In cooperation with the SecondLife chapter of the National Space Society and the Yuri's Night organization, the ISM once again hosted this annual virtual Yuri's Night Party in SecondLife.

World Space Week 2014

4-11 October 2014
Together with the SecondLife chapter of the National Space Society, the ISM participated in the global celebration of space with lectures, tours and a party.