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Protocol: Event Planning

General steps to plan and organize events.
To provide a checklist of things to do to organize an event.
Event organizers


  1. Decide on:
    • Dates and times
    • Venue: An old venue? A new build? An external location?
    • Attractions: Speakers? Musicians? Hunts?
      • For musicians, assign someone as the point of contact on the day of the performance, in case they have problems.
      • For speakers, assign one person for each speaker to hand-hold them if they are new to SL. Who will announce them before their talk?
      • For hunts, who will create the gifts?
    • Party favors?
  2. Recruit volunteers for the event.
    • Divvy up work.
  3. Prepare the venue.
    • Build the venue, if necessary.
      • Podium for speakers and whatever musicians need.
      • Sitting areas?
      • Tip jars and kiosks(?) to provide information about us.
    • Borrow dance chimeras, if necessary.
    • Set up teleporters, if necessary.
  4. Announce the event.
    • This wiki's Events page
    • Groups?
      • ISM Planning Group
      • ISM Happenings Group
      • NSS Group
      • Other?
    • Blogs?
    • SL's event calendar
    • Other?
  5. On the day of the event:
    • Make sure someone is available to switch the streams, if necessary.

Annual Events

The following are events that we usually participate in:

April 4 Yuri's Night
June? SL birthday celebration
October 4-10 World Space Week
??? Burn2

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